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​Rancho Palomino Santa Barbara

a Tiny Educational Anl Rescue and Native Santa Barbara Cultural Preservation Project 

Celebrating Our 9th Summer!

10 weeks M-F - June 12 -August

New theme and art project every week, something new!

Everyday... art, archery, horseback ride, horsemanship, 

ranch safety, cultural story telling, cultural arts + More

Sleep-Away $600.00

Tent Camping and BBQ at the river and beach +daily ranch activities. 

Condo for morning breakfast, shower/self-care, movie night, big pool

Deposit $100.00 (Hold my seat) +$500.00 balance due in Summer 

Or $200 Deposit (hold my seat) +$400 balance due in Summer

M-F Drop-Off $320.00 Extended Sale $280.00

3 days June 7,8,9 $200 

any week open June 12th - Aug 

Bring: lunch, water-bottle optional: water play clothing, 

flip flops, towel, sun hat, sunscreen. 

We provide: water, fruit, chips

Deposit $100 now (hold my seat), pay the balance SALE $180

in summer, at drop off. Summer Location is in Buellton!

 Drive up the 101 at 9a (sharp) from Goleta (30 minutes to Buellton) 

Carpool is provided by the Rancho family to 

and from our barn location m-f 9am- 4pm return 

Goleta Drop-off time, 8:30-8:50, leave by 9am.

Return to Goleta 4pm (approximate)

*Buellton Drop-off 9:30am and Pick up is 3:30pm (sharp)

"Hold My Seat Deposit" or "Pay in Full" sign-up is OPEN 

Carpool is limited to 12 seats 

drop-off in Buellton if no carpool seats are open

Families in Buellton... 

Barn drop-off is 9:30am Pick-up 3:30pm (sharp)

 Please, kindly pay your bill via "ZELLE" direct 

to help us avoid the website online processing fees. 

Siblings and friends sign-up together, discount by request.

For more information, or to send payment please use  

 805.570.5075  call or text for more info

Ortega Rancho

 Nuestra Senora Del Refugio 

Santa Barbara Indigenous 

First Families of California


Funding is used for legal and clerical expenses to repair the missing Iconic Legacy and return the lands of the civilized families of the 

Santa Barbara founders to their Legal settlement of

sovereign "Pueblo Rancho Refugio"

Growing Native visibility and inclusion by ending the era of unsettling truths