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Rancho Palomino

         California Indigenous Cultural Preserve 

Santa Barbara

& Animal Rescue EIN 82-2539372 

It is our uncomfortable truth in America... We know better, now do better.... No excuses.

Summer Sign-Up is open! 

. . .

Be the change you want to see in the world. Support the water protectors in our beautiful coastal Santa Barbara area. 

We have to act before we destroy the rich culture and history of indigenous people who are still here and hurting in our community.

Our family farm encourages independent thinking and questioning.

Our activities promote natural mental & physical health through farming and animal care. We are interested in community building to encourage and help grow a network of sustainable micro-neighborhood farms and modernize resource sharing to help heal the planet.

Before you arrive: PLEASE read and sign our liability release.

Visits and participation on any working farm is always 


Please text a photo of proof of medical insurance for all guests prior to your arrival;

At your own risk ie. "We do not offer medical coverage for injuries that may occur."  

Thank you for your understanding.

Subjects we enjoy sharing include:

Cultural Art, Humanities, Liberal Arts, Trades, Philosophy, Archery, Horseback Riding & More

We also offer hosted events: birthdays, family gatherings & group activities 

501(c)3 Not for Profit (animal rescue)

*ALL SALES FINAL *NO REFUNDS *Credit on a case by case basis

501(c)3 All Prices for our activities are a "Suggested Donation" please reach out if you need payment assistance. Donations support our animal rescue and are very appreciated! 

We have not yet found a permanent location for our program. We hope to find one soon!

We reserve the right to cancel, refuse service or reschedule for any reason without notice.

Summer 2021Arena... "we have SHADE!"

This is going to be a HOT summer! Because of Covid 19 our location options were very slim, and against the odds, we secured the most awesome barn for our SUMMER activities! The 2021 barn is off 101 near Ostrich Land, in Buellton on Ballard Canyon. A short 35minute drive up the coast, from our meetup at Rancho headquarters in Goleta at 25 Carlo Drive Suite E. 

 We have a parent carpool to the barn every day. We will spend the day at the farm in Buellton. Our group will enjoy one of the BEST barns for all our activities including archery, art, horsemanship, cultural arts, and more! 

We are so spoiled with a covered area! WOOOT!!!! 

"See you on the farm."  - The Rancho Palomino Family

Summer activities include horseback riding, art, archery, indigenous culture, lore, and water play... 

SIGN-UP! Limited Seats!

---------> DONATE / Click HERE

Together we rise.... Educated, inclusive, respectful and honest.

Protecting the central coast from development by revitalizing the Indigenous occupation and heritage of Santa Barbara's First Nations' Families. Visualize the END of the ERASURE AND stop the California Native American GENOCIDE NOW! New evidence shows that we are still perpetuating genocide upon our indigenous neighbors who are hurting. The Indigenous First Nation we have locally is a NATION that has been left with NO coastal farmland because of erasure. We have to protect our environment from fossil fuel companies. and REAL ESTATE DEVELOPERS who are operating for free on stolen FIRST NATIONS LANDS! To protect our coastal lifestyle we have to act NOW to revitalize and stand with the resilient and honorable FIRST PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA. We must stand against and STOP American genocide and stand with our neighbors who are the only hope for preserving the coastal lands! These lands are in trust by PATENTED Land GRANTS that are part of the undeveloped Santa Barbara coast for thousands of years! These CURRENT crimes of LAND THEFT for development and RESOURCE THEFT ARE REAL. THE BIG MONEY, Governments, Other Countries, RELIGIOUS GROUPS, HAVE THEIR Greedy HANDS IN OUR COASTAL COMMUNITY erasing our communities culture, perpetuating genocide with the Breau of Land Management. Proof this is happening today in SANTA BARBARA is everywhere! The families who enjoy this beautiful place can not allow our Coastal First Nation to be erased, STAND Up! Stand with PRESERVING the rich history of our area. Donate, pressure the LEADERS, Keep the Coast Sovereign First Nations! Native LIVES MATTER! Protect the earth. 

Things our nation celebrate....