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​Rancho Palomino Santa Barbara

Enrichment on the Rancho 

Spring Break Week March 27-31

NEW activities, Plants as art, Wool, Clay, Feathers, Beads and Batik

Archery, new target games + Lore & SB Cultural Art. 

Design, plan and choreograph a parade for Thursday afternoon...

...Ponies and dogs and horses...oh my.

Horsemanship + safety, ride, groom, earn awards and more!  

Daily circle of appreciations, snacks, & water.

 (sibling Discount offered by request)

Everyday: arts, ride horses, archery, games 

FREE Rancho family carpool (Goleta to Buellton) 

meet on Calle Real, drop student and pick up in goleta

we take 101 to buellton 30 minute, north from goleta

Drop-off 8:30 & Pick-up 4pm

(Call or text for more info.)



Summer: age 5-8 Rancheros, 9-11 Cabaleros, 12-17 Vaqueros (c.i.t.) 

10 weeks M-F & + Possible sleep away $600

 June, July, August 2023

each week new theme and art projects

1. Huge Puppets 

2. Pony Shows 

3. Bird Feathers

 4. Water Wild


5. Animal Crazy 

6. Event Riders

 7. War Horse

 8. Fiesta Fever

9. Rodeo Rider

 10. Horse Trainer

DAILY; Art, Archery, Horsemanship, Lore, Water Play 

Snacks and bottled water provided & FRIDAY Awards!

$280.00 Any Week

 Deposit $100 now, pay the balance $180 in summer at drop off

Summer Location (Maybe) in Santa Barbara ...TBD

If we are in Buellton ...we love that barn and the drive from 101 in 

Goleta to Buellton is 30 minutes

Parent carpool provided by the rancho family from Goleta

Drop-off 8:30 Pick-up 4pm,

"Hold My Seat Deposit" or Pay in Full sign-up OPEN

 WE LOVE if you would kindly ZELLE your PAYMENT

to help us avoid the processing fees

805.570.5075 - Is our Zelle phone number :) If you can't, no worries. Thank you

We provide barn and archery safety education.

 Trade skill building, unique arts, archery range and target practice. 

Local history and lore.... 2023 is our 9th summer of rancho fun!

To all of the local families who have supported our tiny dream project and animal rescue, Thank you!

Educational enrichment for all ages, inclusive outdoor family ranch environment, professional instruction. We also offer small events, lessons, photos

school closure enrichment. 

We are a small Indigenous S.B. family-run enrichment program.

 We created this project in 2014 to benefit our community and our future as a protected area of ancient California.

Programs are offered year round, for all ages. 

Promoting and uplifting the ICONIC Native American history of the Pueblo 

Santa Barbara First Nation. The indigenous family knowledge is 

preserved only by educating the SB community members by bringing families

 together in the spirit of truth, community, reason and justice. 

We are on the ancestral land of the Californio DONS

the Californio Founders are Native American of this civilized Pueblo 

this area as a district or a "First Nation Reservation" in title by US Patent. 

The Direct Lineal Heirs to the Civilized Chanel Island, California Republic are displaced by unchecked fraud. Reservations are not "camps" they are large preserves.

The Documented Full Blood Indigenous Families of Santa Barbara ARE STILL HERE! Disbanded illegally by American False Claims, from Carpenteria, Montecito, Goleta, Santa Ynez, Buellton, Lompoc, San Luis Obispo, Los Olivos, Nojoque, Jalama, Hope Ranch Cachuma, Cieneguitas, Jonata, Las Crusws, Point Conception, Chanel Islands and Dos Pueblos... This is a protected wetland and marsh that oligarchs have assaulted with illegal taking by FRAUD for 150 years.

Time to end the Hollister, UCSB, BIA, CA DRE, EXXON, SHELL OIL, TITLE FRAUD!

Ortega Rancho

 Nuestra Senora Del Refugio 

Santa Barbara Indigenous 

First Families of California


Funding is used for legal and clerical expenses to repair the missing Iconic Legacy and return the lands of the civilized families of the 

Santa Barbara founders to their Legal settlement of

sovereign "Pueblo Rancho Refugio"

Growing Native visibility and inclusion by ending the era of unsettling truths